Web Supplement to the Book:
Making The Dragon by Warren Robinett

It is Halloween 2018, and I have posted a scary story for you.
It is all the more scary because it is a true story of times that may come.

The story may remind you of the Ghost of Christmas Future in Dicken's story, A Christmas Carol.
We all remember Ebenezer Scrooge, don't we? He was a miser.
Maybe I should call this story The Ghost of Halloween Future.

We don't know for sure if this scary story will come to pass.
But right now, it looks like it probably will.

Enjoy the monsters, and the morons, and the buffaloes.
See if you can figure out which character is you.

Happy shivering. – WR

Afterword from Making the Dragon.

Click here: Monsters and Morons---and the Future of Interactivity


Check back here -- the full book is expected to be released soon.

Later, this website will let me provide to my readers some materials that are hard to put into a physical book: such as videos and links to reference material.

The book is almost ready for release (as of Oct. 31, 2018).